Terms & Conditions

CÓRus Singing Classes & Training Ltd

T/A Córus

Terms & Conditions

All class materials, concepts, harmonies & techniques used in CÓRus are considered our intellectual property and, as such, are owned by CÓRus.   In participating in any of our classes, workshops, performances or other events attended by CÓRus it is agreed that the materials, concepts, harmonies & techniques will not be used, amended, copied or passed on to any other person or group. Legal action may be taken if this agreement is found to have been breached.

Whilst CÓRus operates an inclusive policy, we reserve the right of admission in situations where we feel the protection of CÓRus, it’s intellectual property or its staff may be threatened.

CÓRus operates as a business running night classes in group singing. Tuition fees are fixed and must be paid on signing up for classes. No materials will be provided until class fees have been paid in full.

Additional materials/information/notifications will be made available via our website  – whilst CÓRus will endeavour to keep everyone informed at class – not having internet access may mean you miss out on some of these additional resources which are provided over and above the class materials at the discretion of CÓRus.

Refunds Policy

Very occasionally a class or classes may need to be cancelled due to situations outside of our control – i.e. illness, unexpected absence of a teacher, adverse weather conditions, closure of venue or other event deemed an ‘Act of God’ .

In these circumstances CÓRus will: a) endeavour to provide a substitute teacher or b) arrange a pay-back class.

However, it is not always possible to find a replacement teacher at short notice or find a suitable time or venue for a make-up class and in this instance the class will be cancelled and class members notified via text and email message and CÓRus will advise/remind class members that as a unique aspect of their CÓRus class membership they are free to attend an additional class during any given week/term (subject to venue numbers) and as such, can ‘make-up’ the missed class at their own convenience. No refunds will be given in these circumstances.

Classes are subject to minimum numbers and in the case that a class fails to reach or sustain these numbers, CÓRus may have to shut down that class. Refunds for cancelled classes will be given in this situation.

If a leader/teacher leaves CÓRus, a replacement teacher will be sourced to take over that class, refunds will not be given in this circumstance.

If no replacement teacher can be found for the class long term, the class may have to be closed and an offer to transfer to another class or a full refund of monies owed for any cancelled classes will be made.

If a member has joined and paid for a full year and their class is closed due to the lack of a replacement teacher and they are unable to attend an alternative class, a refund of monies owed for any outstanding term/s will be made.

Please note that from September 2020, once a new or returning class members has attended paid their fees and ticked the T&C’s box on registration, full or partial refunds will not be issued in any event i.e. missed classes, holidays, change of mind, illness etc.  Refunds will only be issued on a rare occasion that Córus has to close a class totally and cannot offer a replacement, please see above.

CÓRus offers everyone the unique opportunity to ‘try out’ a free class before committing to joining and class members have the option of attending any of our classes each week which means if they have to miss their base class they can attend another to make up missed classes.  All material is posted online so class members can avail of it outside of class times.

Covid 19 Virtual Voucher & Refund Policy

Class members who were paid up members during term 3 March 2020 can avail of a virtual voucher issued for missed classes due to the Government shut down.  The voucher can only be used as part payment for Córus classes and cannot then be requested as a cash refund once it has been activated.

In the instance of a virtual Córus class not going ahead due to a further Government shut down, Córus will endeavour to offer a payback class when & if possible, if this is not possible within the time frame of the current term – no refunds of online payments or virtual vouchers will be given under these circumstances.

In the instance of a virtual Córus class not going ahead due to lack of numbers, a refund for online payment will be made and the virtual voucher can be held until classes resume.

Any virtual voucher remaining unused five years from March 2020 or in the event that Córus Singing Classes and Training Ltd ceasing trading will be null and void.

Social Events

Occasionally CÓRus runs social events where a fee is paid to attend. In the case of such an event being cancelled due to circumstances beyond our control CÓRus will endeavour to pay full or partial refunds. However, class members should be aware at point of purchase this may be outside of our control and not always be possible.


Members wishing to take part in our annual end of year concert will be required to sign up to take part and commit to additional rehearsals in the run up to the concert. A commitment fee is required to take part in the end of year concert.

By joining, it is agreed that photographs and film footage may be taken at classes or performances and used for advertising and marketing purposes in relation to CÓRus.

Health & Safety

CÓRus cannot be held responsible for damage to persons or personal belongings before, during or after classes or performances.

CÓRus classes, rehearsals and performances may involve music, movement and long periods of standing. In making an application to join a CÓRus class, individuals are assumed to be medically fit to attend and are advised to work to their own abilities during classes, rehearsals and performances. (By arrangement with the individual, CÓRus will endeavour to make suitable arrangements for those with limited mobility on an individual basis). Anyone with concerns should contact the CÓRus head office directly.

Covid 19

Córus will follow closely all Government, NPHET and industry guidelines and best practice in running our classes during the pandemic and put the health and safety of our team and class members at the core of everything we do.  This may result in virtual online classes in the short term. On return to live singing opportunities (outdoor or indoor) there is likely to be a requirement for some or all of the following: the wearing of face masks, social distancing, hand sanitisation and/or temperature checks.

Code of Conduct

CÓRus endeavours to create a harmonious environment both musically and atmospherically. In this respect there are certain acceptable standards of behaviour that are expected from our class members and CÓRus staff. Negative or disruptive behaviour will not be condoned.

In signing up for a class individuals agree to behave in a correct and co-operative manner towards fellow class members, teachers, administration or third parties involved in any CÓRus activity. A breach of this code of conduct whether verbal or written will result in cancellation of registration without refund.

Data Protection

By signing up for our CÓRus classes and becoming a CÓRus class member, you have given us permission to email or text you with information and updates on our classes, events, rehearsals etc. You have also given us permission to store your details on our payment system – name, email address and telephone number. Your credit card details are encrypted at source and NOT stored in our system.

If you have not been a member of CÓRus for over one year then your details will be removed from our system. If for any reason you wish to be removed any earlier from our system, then please contact the office and we can do so immediately.

CÓRus does not pass on class members details to any third parties without prior permission.

 CÓRus retains the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time without notice.