No auditions, no need to read music.
Learn with friends or come along and make friends.
Great music, great harmonies,
great moves and great fun.

Teaching ordinary people, with ordinary voices to make  an extraordinary sound.

CÓRus believes in the power of  singing and in the proven benefits that it can bring both emotionally & physically.  We also believe that everyone has a natural voice but not all of us have been taught the correct way to find and improve that voice.

Humans have always sung. Singing connects us at a physiological level and strengthens bonds. But in recent times it’s become the norm to believe that only the best singer should sing, only perfect voices should be heard.  Some of us have been told ‘we can’t sing’, many believe our voices aren’t ‘good enough’ and a lot of us have simply stopped singing.  Many of the opportunities that traditionally brought people together to sing are disappearing.

CÓRus wants to restore people’s confidence that it is our birthright to sing and offers everyone the opportunity to learn to sing using our unique and easily accessible methods of group singing classes. There are no soloists in CÓRus just a choir of people, using their natural voices to learn to sing in perfect harmony.

At the end of term, class members are invited to join our choirs for a combined end of year concert and may also be invited to perform occasional concerts for local and charitable events to showcase their newly acquired singing skills.

CÓRus class members are invited but not obliged to attend any event outside of class.

We are delighted to welcome new class members anytime. New members who are interested in joining CÓRus may wish to call the office (087 967 6351 or 087 6139 261) to make further enquiries about availability in our classes

Terms & Conditions.