When Corus announced they were coming back with a virtual on-line class, this September after the lockdown, there were a lot of happy excited members eagerly anticipating it’s launch, including me, as a number one fan!

We wanted our choir back in any shape or form, just to have our songbooks in hand and experience again the joy and fun of singing together and learning our respective parts.

We get all the benefits of an on-line, easy to connect to, recorded class to partake in, with none of the worries about the dreaded virus.

Uplifted by the Corus beat, not beaten by Covid!

Corus became a life-line to me personally, after my husband Pat, passed away suddenly last October and it’s the life support I and many others need right now through yet another lock down.

Connecting with one another helps us stay afloat through the isolation.

Music and Song are medicine to the Soul and refreshment for the Spirit.

In Corus we will always have a new song in our heart and even a new dance step to learn, to give rhythm to our feet and keep us moving forward one step and one song at a time. ‘Thankyou for the music’ Corus and all our wonderful teachers and the team.