When CÓRus announced that they intended to continue with their classes albeit in a different format, I was beyond excited and relieved. I know I’m not alone in saying that I missed my choir and I was more than happy to sign up for a new term, even though I knew it was going to be different.

The first look at the new songs for the long anticipated restart, did not disappoint.  I sat in the “virtual classroom” waiting to hear from the effervescent Mary, like an excited kid on their first day at school. The screen came to life and there they all were, Mary, Yvonne, a quick glimpse of Justin and our teachers, all familiar faces that I had missed so much. T

he class flew by and we were introduced to our first new song and a revival of some of our old stuff. I sang with gusto and it felt quite emotional because I had not had the motivation to sing throughout the “lockdown” and subsequent months. It was wonderful to belt out the old tunes again.  I

t didn’t feel strange singing to my computer screen, it felt like a release.  Being back in class is an escape for me, it may only be for 90 minutes but that time is purely devoted to my favourite pastime.  Time that is not spent thinking about the dreadful situation that we are finding ourselves in.

A lot of online courses fail because of a feeling of isolation and a feeling that you are far removed from the class but with the interaction between Mary and the teachers, it does not feel that way. Questions, answers and online surveys, also make you feel quite involved. I come away from every class, feeling happy and reinvigorated.  If you haven’t tried it yet, I would encourage everyone to “give it a go”.