At the start of the term , I signed up for virtual classes, it felt like A THOUSAND YEARS since we were singing as a group,  I was feeling a little foolish and SHALLOW, singing on my own.  My family outside could swear they could hear Banshees!   I thought I had  reached my WATERLOO, however the MEMORIES came flooding back to me,  and in ONE MOMENT  IN TIME, the music and lyrics WORKED  ITS WAY BACK TO ME. This led to a CHAIN REACTION, my RHYTHM OF LIFE  was refreshed, I was feeling great. FROM NOW ON, there AINT NO MOUNTAIN HIGH ENOUGH ,that can keep me from tuning into class. The class is recorded in such a way that I feel my friends  STAND BY ME in spirit and WHERE NO ONE STANDS ALONE, the SOUND OF SILENCE is no more!  So LETS HANG ON for the next few weeks, till we can cross COUNTRY ROADS to be with each other. On Monday nights I’m so excited as in ONE DAY MORE, I’LL BE THERE, ready and waiting, at 7:30pm ,  THIS IS THE MOMENT, that I WILL FOLLOW  Mary , waiting to hear her  say HELLO and GOODBYE