When the “rhythm of life” (Rhythm of life) is disrupted, as it has been, in this eventful year…
When “everything that could go wrong all went wrong” (Shackles) …
When we might see the “sky we look upon, tumble and fall” or “the mountains crumble to the sea” (Stand by me). ..
When there are times we wish “to freeze the picture and save it from the funny tricks of time. (Slipping through my fingers) …
And when there are times when people think of all “the fun they had missed” or “all the fellas they hadn’t kissed” (Santa Baby),
We remember this….
None of us are “strangers to the dark” (This is me)  and despite everything the year has brought our way, “there ain’t no mountain high enough, ain’t no valley wide enough” (Ain’t no mountain high enough) and there isn’t any “chain reaction” (Chain reaction) that
will prevent us from “bursting through the barricades and reaching for the sun” (This is me) , knowing that all “our dreams are just a heartbeat away” (Moment in time) .
So for now, let’s “tumble out of bed and stumble to the kitchen” (9 to 5) , get ready to face “another day, another destiny” (One day more) , or “face unafraid the plans that we made” (Winter wonderland).
Let’s “sing out to celebrate and remember a year in the life of friends” (Season of love).
Let’s “light up, light up, as if we have a choice (Run). Let’s “take our hands, as no one stand alone. (Where no one stands alone).
Lets believe that “our finest day is yet unknown” (One moment in time) and “tomorrow may be even brighter than today” (Yesterday). We are our own “white knights upon a fiery steed” (Hero), our own heroes. “We are glorious” (This is me) .
Let’s sing to ourselves “ each day l live l want to be, a day to give, the best of me (One moment in time).
“Let this be our prayer” (The prayer).
Sometime very soon, we will hear all our teachers say “let me hear you sing once more, like you did before” (Chiquitita)
We will hear Yvonne say “take the shackles off your feet so you can dance” . (Shackles)
We will hear our dance/brand ambassadors tell us “l just can’t control my feet” (Blame it on the boogie)
We will once again see Mary walk into class and know “she’s uncommonly rare, very unique, peripatetic, poetic and chic” (One) and she will remind us that “the sun is still in the sky, shining above you” ( Chiquitita ), so “we’ll sing a new song ”. (Chiquitita)
While once again we will remind each other “The rhythm of life is a powerful beat” and CORUS most definitely “puts a tingle in our fingers and a tingle in our feet” (Rhythm of life)