Corus Singing Classes
I was a HAPPY child who loved to sing - but in school at the tender age of nine my teacher told me "STOP IN THE NAME OF LOVE - just mouth the words "! Well that was a bitter disappointment but I knew BIG GIRLS DON'T CRY so for the next 47 years I was no SONGBIRD .Instead ,foolishly, I perfected my impersonation of a goldfish -  great lip movements .......no sound !

Then fast forward to Christmas 2013, in a friend’s HOME a chance conversation about singing I confessed " I STILL HAVENT FOUND WHAT I AM LOOKING FOR" . I explained to the assembled guests that I HAVE A DREAM - telling them of my burning desire to sing but that I realised that with my voice I was only CALIFORNIA DREAMIN'

Now what I didn't know was that I was talking to two of CÓRus's SILVER BELLS and ONE WAY OR ANOTHER, before I knew it I was singing with them and we were all ROCKING ROUND THE CHRISTMAS TREE ! Everyone around me told me I should hold on to my singing dream. "NEVER LET HER SLIP AWAY” they said as they explained about CÓRUS, where ordinary voices make extraordinary music !

Well in that ONE MOMENT OF TIME I grew WINGS & within days UP I went to CÓRus in the Grainstore in Cabinteely Park.I asked our talented Leader Kevin to TAKE A CHANCE ON ME and met the most terrific bunch of people singing as 1st's, 2nd's and 3rd's .......and not a goldfish among them!

In CÓRus we work hard to get every word, every note and every movement right but we SURVIVE and have a lot of fun on our musical journeys every week .

Now, I know I am never going to become a soloist in the National Concert Hall - but neither do I want to be.NOTHING COMPARES to singing with friends, it makes you SHINE and RUMOUR HAS IT that it's good for your health too. So if you or someone you know fancies singing just drop in as a guest to your nearest CÓRus Choir Class www.CÓRus.ie and become a member of the most powerful HALLEUJAH CÓRus in Ireland ....but don't wait too long - as MISS OTIS REGRETS she didn't join sooner !
Corus Singing Classes
Most of you, I am sure are familiar with the notion that  when you hear a song on the radio or TV or at a party, there is a good chance the song will be in your head for at least a day.  Well that's the way it's been with me since I joined CÓRus this September. However the song words are not just in my head. I realised I was singing them aloud when my husband said: "If I hear what happens now one more time it will be your suitcase in the hall!". So now I practice happily when he's at work.

There is a little practice involved to learn the words and the moves, but this improves confidence. It did take me about three weeks to settle in and on the third week some new people arrived. They seemed a little daunted because by then we were starting I Will Survive and knew two songs pretty well. I suggested to them not to be put off and explained how I felt on my first night and from my own experience I am glad I started on the first night of term as I would have been overwhelmed too.

I had been to the Helix and really enjoyed the show. It was the lightness, banter and fun element that attracted me to CÓRus as well the joy of the singing. Our Choir director Kevin is just brilliant. His whole face lights up with the music and especially some of the dance moves! So even if I was in bad form going over to Malahide I know I would come away feeling lighter, especially when Kevin gets us to exercise our facial muscles with "lavatory, lavatory, bidet, bidet, wooosh"!
Corus Singing Classes
I chanced upon CÓRus for the first time last November when I was a patient in St Patrick’s University Hospital receiving treatment for depression and anxiety.  CÓRus had formed and coached a staff choir class in the hospital and one lunchtime they put on a wonderful show for the assembled patients.  I was struck more than anything by the fun of the performance and I decided as part of my recovery plan to join a CÓRus choir class when I was discharged from hospital.  It has been a fantastic experience, meeting like-minded people, learning new songs and dance moves, performing at various events including the Helix, and providing the musical backdrop to Darkness Into Light in Marley Park. I always come away from a CÓRus practice session with a lighter heart. Singing with CÓRus nurtures my soul. When I sing in the CÓRus choir class I feel like I’m part of something bigger and more heroic than myself.
Corus Singing Classes
From work I did retire
The 40 years were done
And now the new requirement
Was to sing and have some fun
Then a friend that I did meet
And told of my desires
She said, I know the very place
That'll fill what you require
I said there surely cannot be
One place to do the two
Just go, she said and you will see
I guarantee for sure
So along I went to CÓRus
And Lord what I did find
My life will never be the same

The old one left behind
We breathe, we stretch
We dance, we boogie
We sing and laugh
No longer moody
The friendships form
The chatter rises
But Mary rules the roost with kindness
And every May to the stage we take
To a hall full of our kith and kin
Arms by the side, we don't collide
We fill our teachers' hearts with pride
So I thank the day my friend did tell
Of CÓRus and its Magic Spell.
Corus Singing Classes
This is my 5th year in CÓRus.    To be a member of CÓRus is exciting, energizing and always uplifting. It is like belonging to an extra family among great friends.  CÓRus practises are simply not to be missed.  The songs  presented each year are always marvellously and creatively arranged and many of them are sung with simple but very effective movements. When CÓRus members sing together either for charitable events or in formal performances they exude an infectious joy. Nevertheless CÓRus members are ordinary people who join others to make music for the sheer pleasure of doing so but we do make extraordinary sounds and guarantee that we can put a smile on your face and in your heart no matter what your troubles are!
Corus Singing Classes
CÓRus has far surpassed my greatest expectations of a choir class.  Not only have I gained a better voice, I have made great friends, great support when my arthritis forces me to sit but I still sang at the Helix and RDS!!  It is much more than a choir class...
Corus Singing Classes
I’ve never had any musical training or been part of a choir class, until I tried CÓRus.  Took me a while to pluck up the courage to try, but once I did - I loved it! We’ve a fantastic teacher, Kevin, and a great bunch of people in Cabinteely.  I’ve learned a lot about singing and really enjoy the classes.  An extra bonus is the social side and the tasty bakes made by members of Cabinteely.  The optional singing events are great fun and well worth joining in! I would highly recommend  CÓRus!
Corus Singing Classes
CÓRus is a fun thing to do, I've been a member since 2011 and will continue to be as long as it (and me) exists.
Corus Singing Classes
I have been going along to CÓRus class nights with my 82yr old Mum for the past four weeks.  The intention was to give her an outing incorporating what she loves most in life, music, however I've grown to love it too.
There is such a relaxed approach to these evenings.   Mary the CÓRus teacher is a delight. She makes us feel so relaxed and has such a great approach with us all. She's hilarious too. All ages are present and all genres of music are sung.  Hearing the sound of approximately 80 voices singing together in harmony is nothing more magical.
These evenings give my mum such a lift and what I thought was a favour to her has unexpectedly given me a boost too.  It’s an uplifting night where everything else in your life is left at the door and you relax and get caught up in the music.  As Shakespeare said " If music be the food of love, play on".
Corus Singing Classes
My time in CÓRus is like an oasis in an otherwise busy life. I drag myself in and bounce out at the end of class feeling totally rejuvenated. The endorphins have been released thanks to Yvonne, Dara, Justin and Mary, who qualifies as a national treasure! It's all about the singing, dancing and laughing. Yvonne is so organised and business like she could teach the government a thing or two! And what a great mover she is! We always succeed in making a great sound thanks to Mary's gift of arranging and teaching music. I would recommend joining CÓRus.
Corus Singing Classes
Tuesday has now become my favourite day of the week since joining Dundrum CÓRus in September. I can't wait to get to class and sing with all the lovely people there.  Mary is a fantastic teacher with endless patience and somehow manages to make us sound amazing!! Thanks to all involved in making CÓRus wonderful.