Corus Singing Classes
I was a HAPPY child who loved to sing - but in school at the tender age of nine my teacher told me "STOP IN THE NAME OF LOVE - just mouth the words "! Well that was a bitter disappointment but I knew BIG GIRLS DON'T CRY so for the next 47 years I was no SONGBIRD .Instead ,foolishly, I perfected my impersonation of a goldfish -  great lip movements .......no sound !

Then fast forward to Christmas 2013, in a friend’s HOME a chance conversation about singing I confessed " I STILL HAVENT FOUND WHAT I AM LOOKING FOR" . I explained to the assembled guests that I HAVE A DREAM - telling them of my burning desire to sing but that I realised that with my voice I was only CALIFORNIA DREAMIN'

Now what I didn't know was that I was talking to two of CÓRus's SILVER BELLS and ONE WAY OR ANOTHER, before I knew it I was singing with them and we were all ROCKING ROUND THE CHRISTMAS TREE ! Everyone around me told me I should hold on to my singing dream. "NEVER LET HER SLIP AWAY” they said as they explained about CÓRUS, where ordinary voices make extraordinary music !

Well in that ONE MOMENT OF TIME I grew WINGS & within days UP I went to CÓRus in the Grainstore in Cabinteely Park.I asked our talented Leader Kevin to TAKE A CHANCE ON ME and met the most terrific bunch of people singing as 1st's, 2nd's and 3rd's .......and not a goldfish among them!

In CÓRus we work hard to get every word, every note and every movement right but we SURVIVE and have a lot of fun on our musical journeys every week .

Now, I know I am never going to become a soloist in the National Concert Hall - but neither do I want to be.NOTHING COMPARES to singing with friends, it makes you SHINE and RUMOUR HAS IT that it's good for your health too. So if you or someone you know fancies singing just drop in as a guest to your nearest CÓRus Choir Class www.CÓRus.ie and become a member of the most powerful HALLEUJAH CÓRus in Ireland ....but don't wait too long - as MISS OTIS REGRETS she didn't join sooner !