Corus Singing Classes
Most of you, I am sure are familiar with the notion that  when you hear a song on the radio or TV or at a party, there is a good chance the song will be in your head for at least a day.  Well that's the way it's been with me since I joined CÓRus this September. However the song words are not just in my head. I realised I was singing them aloud when my husband said: "If I hear what happens now one more time it will be your suitcase in the hall!". So now I practice happily when he's at work.

There is a little practice involved to learn the words and the moves, but this improves confidence. It did take me about three weeks to settle in and on the third week some new people arrived. They seemed a little daunted because by then we were starting I Will Survive and knew two songs pretty well. I suggested to them not to be put off and explained how I felt on my first night and from my own experience I am glad I started on the first night of term as I would have been overwhelmed too.

I had been to the Helix and really enjoyed the show. It was the lightness, banter and fun element that attracted me to CÓRus as well the joy of the singing. Our Choir director Kevin is just brilliant. His whole face lights up with the music and especially some of the dance moves! So even if I was in bad form going over to Malahide I know I would come away feeling lighter, especially when Kevin gets us to exercise our facial muscles with "lavatory, lavatory, bidet, bidet, wooosh"!