Corus Singing Classes
I chanced upon CÓRus for the first time last November when I was a patient in St Patrick’s University Hospital receiving treatment for depression and anxiety.  CÓRus had formed and coached a staff choir class in the hospital and one lunchtime they put on a wonderful show for the assembled patients.  I was struck more than anything by the fun of the performance and I decided as part of my recovery plan to join a CÓRus choir class when I was discharged from hospital.  It has been a fantastic experience, meeting like-minded people, learning new songs and dance moves, performing at various events including the Helix, and providing the musical backdrop to Darkness Into Light in Marley Park. I always come away from a CÓRus practice session with a lighter heart. Singing with CÓRus nurtures my soul. When I sing in the CÓRus choir class I feel like I’m part of something bigger and more heroic than myself.