Corus Singing Classes
From work I did retire
The 40 years were done
And now the new requirement
Was to sing and have some fun
Then a friend that I did meet
And told of my desires
She said, I know the very place
That'll fill what you require
I said there surely cannot be
One place to do the two
Just go, she said and you will see
I guarantee for sure
So along I went to CÓRus
And Lord what I did find
My life will never be the same

The old one left behind
We breathe, we stretch
We dance, we boogie
We sing and laugh
No longer moody
The friendships form
The chatter rises
But Mary rules the roost with kindness
And every May to the stage we take
To a hall full of our kith and kin
Arms by the side, we don't collide
We fill our teachers' hearts with pride
So I thank the day my friend did tell
Of CÓRus and its Magic Spell.